Sunday, January 30, 2011


Today I started my new "job" at church.  If you are not familiar how we do things in the Mormon Church, this is one of those things we do that is a little strange to people.   We are a lay ministry and have no paid leaders.  Our leaders are regular joes with regular jobs to do Monday thru Friday.   We are "called" to positions by those who are currently in charge, who spend some time in thought and prayer to figure out where we can help build the kingdom of God right now.   I  have spent the last eight years working with the women of the church.  I love the women of the church, they are amazing.   So imagine my surprise when I am asked to work with the children who are 18 months to around 3 years old in the nursery.  Culture shock!!! 

Today I laid on the floor and made animal noises with the most adorable blond headed little boy.  He giggled when I did my "pig" impression. (It's time to trade in my dry-clean only suits for something a little more comfortable and easy to wash!)   I held a teary eyed little girl until the train looked more fun than crying.  I sang songs I had forgotten,  pretended to "eat" several items that were "fed" to me by adorable little people, and was able to also share a graham cracker during snack time.   I listened to little tiny voices offer prayers and watched small children fold their arms, bow their heads and close their eyes to talk to God, and yes, they know him. 

It's been said that if the Savior showed up at church, he would immediately go to the classes where the children are.  I know that to be true.  He loves the little children.  I am so excited to get to spend time with people that are so sweet, kind and pure.  They love without question and are happy with little things, like singing "Once there was a snowman" and eating fruit snacks.  These are some of the things I have forgotten.

I am so grateful for not getting to "choose" where I want to serve.  By sometimes getting pulled out of our comfort zones, we grow.  And isn't that why were are here on this journey?   To grow...... one random woman at a time. 

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Thanks for the memories!

 Today the Stake Relief Society Presidency from the Longmont Colorado Stake was released.
  • Janet Jones-President
  • Brenda Wagner-1st Counselor, 
  • Carrie Adams-2nd Counselor, 
  • Cecilia Flores-Secretary. 
It's been an amazing opportunity for me.  I appreciate the other sweet sisters bearing with me, and teaching me so many wonderful things as we labored together to assist the wonderful ladies in our stake.   How lucky am I to have been able to serve with women I now call my sweetest friends.

 Today, my heartfelt tribute to my rockin' sisters. 

JANET-  How can I say enough wonderful things about this lady?  She lead us with focus, desire, and passion.  Her testimony of Jesus Christ was evident every step of the way.   She taught us correct principles.  She truly lead by example.  She was filled with the spirit of Christ at all times, in all places and while doing all things.  I want to be Janet when I grow up. 

She began each of our presidency meetings with some time for us to catch up, to talk about what was going on in all of our lives and time to connect.  Then, when it was time to get down to business, we were focused and able to tackle the issues, (well, most of the time.!!)   Sometimes in the midst of an issue, Janet would be quiet, listening to the three of us banter back and forth about a situation, a concern or an upcoming event.  Then, as the lines of sheer inspiration came to her, she would say something.  It would be the right answer, and we knew it. 

Janet spent a night with me when I had my knee replacement surgery. ( Actually several dear friends took turns with that duty, must have been a rousing game of Rock, Paper, Scissors to get out of that one.  I truly appreciate those who "lost" and had to help me!)  Janet watched some lame movie with me,  helped me to the bathroom on my walker, and monitored my pain meds so I didn't pop one too many.  She also took lotion and massaged my feet.   I don't know about you, but I am not a "foot" person.  I don't like to touch feet.  Maybe it comes from one too many years with basketball players, sweaty socks and smelly feet.   But it didn't bug Janet.  She WANTED to rub my feet.  My thoughts turned to the scriptures where the Savior washes the feet of his apostles.  
"He poureth water into a bason, and began to wash the disciples’ feet, and to wipe them with the towel wherewith he was girded.."  John 13:5  
Here was the Stake Relief Society President massaging my feet.  With not a concern in the world, except for me to feel better.  Thank you Janet, for your lessons of service etched deeply in my soul and my heart.

BRENDA- One of my earliest memories of working with Brenda was her insane organizational skills.  She has lists, charts, spreadsheets, pictures, and color-coded assignment sheets.  Brenda needed to be on "The Apprentice"  TV show.  Donald Trump could use a woman like that to run his billions.   Brenda is also amazingly talented.  When President Kamigaki was released, we wanted to give him something special to thank him for the years of amazing service he had given.  Brenda found an amazing quilt pattern that used old ties.  We gathered an old tie from everyone who had ever served with Pres. K.  Now Brenda didn't just think up the idea, she spent a gajillion hours on this thing.  The rest of us hardly did anything. (Actually, that was probably good to not let me do a lot on it, this way it still looks nice.!!)  Brenda is talented, organized and passionate.  Give her a project and it is best if you get out of the way.  In the past year my job (the real one, that pays money) has had me organizing tons of things.  It has become simple when I follow the WWBD? adage.  (What would Brenda do?) I have found if I pretend I am Brenda, I can  get things done I had never dreamed of.  Thank you Brenda, for teaching me it is OK to plan, organize and have all your ducks in a row. 

CECILIA-  Carne Asada.  Cecilia made this amazing dinner.  In fact, today, after church, when we talked about the Presidency being over, Cecilia said, "We need to get together, and I will make Carne Asade."  Name the place and the time, and I will be there!!

Aside from amazing food, Cecilia is so spiritual and  her bi-lingual gifts were an amazing help for us.  I loved it when it was her turn to share the spiritual thought.  To hear her read from the scriptures was a treat.  The words flowed from her, but more importantly, the spirit did too.   To hear of her trials to get out of El Salvador, and to hear her share her testimony of Christ was a blessing I will never forget.  Thank you Cecilia, for opening my eyes to so many new things.

This summer my amazing friends in this presidency presented me with a wonderful family picture that they had enlarged and framed.  They have loved me, my family and every sister in the stake.  My life if forever changed. 

There are so many memories! The Women's Conferences and the trials, challenges and blessings that came from each one of those.  Ward Conferences, Presidency Meetings, RS Broadcasts and soups by the bucket.  Zone Conference Lunches, Temple Trips, Birthday parties, Surgeries, trials, tears, and laughter, yes, there was much laughter. 

Today, I am a better person for having spent the last 3 1/2 years with these amazing ladies.  May the bond we have created these past few years remain strong. 

As a Presidency, we hope we have made a difference,  one random woman at a time.