Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Pura Vida!

Just returned from 10 days in Costa Rica with some of the greatest kids from Silver Creek High School.   As part of my job as the Program Coordinator for the Silver Creek Leadership Academy, we are working to give students the opportunity to travel internationally to understand other cultures, find commonalities, and become better world citizens. So, I  (being the kind, giving, and thoughtful person that I am) took time out of my life to donate to the cause.  (I know, dirty job.....but someone has to do it!)  

Manuel Antonio National Park

La Fortuna Waterfall 

The Costa Ricans have a saying.  "Pura Vida!"  Which, directly translated means "Pure life."  While it is easy to enjoy the pure life while sitting on a beach, looking at a volcano, enjoying the beauty of a waterfall, I found a deeper meaning to the thought of "Pure Life" while there.  

The group at Poas Volcano- and Jurassic Park size leaves

 Living a "pure life" is living a life that is worth living. 
A life that has purpose, direction and meaning.  Living a pure life is one where our values are not fleeting, and we are not swayed back and forth by popular opinion.  Living a pure life is knowing who you are- standing for it even when it is uncomfortable. 

Living a pure life
is the essence of leadership

Sunset at Jaco Beach              

Another view of the sunset at Jaco Beach

 How often do we pause to look at life with "Pura Vida" eyes?

How often do I reflect on the beauty of this amazing earth and breathe in the smells, listen to the sounds and just stop my mind for a few minutes and be grateful for all I have? 

Living life the Pura Vida way would allow me to do that. 

So while I was in Costa Rica, I kayaked, zip-lined, river rafted,  rode horses thru amazing countryside, watched kids dance their native dances, listened to birds, looked at flowers, swam in the ocean and loved every second of it.  But the best part was sometimes sitting quietly and thinking nothing. I loved watching the students soaking in every experience and knowing it was making an impact on their life and who they would become.
Getting ready for river rafting with the group (minus Lisa)

How amazing would the world be if we all added a little "Pura Vida" to it?  What difference could you make if every morning you woke up determined to live a pure life?  What would you become?  For me- Pura Vida changed me forever.  I am going to work a little harder to live life a little "pure-er"  and make a difference.....one random woman at a time...