Saturday, October 1, 2011

It's General Conference time again!

When I was younger I looked forward to General Conference weekend because it was a weekend I did not have to go to church. 

I missed the entire point!  Now, I look forward to General Conference weekend, and look forward to the talks arriving next month in my Ensign magazine for me to read and re-read.  What is General Conference? 

 This amazing meeting draws all of my church together.  The conference is seen in over 102 countries, and translated into 92 languages from Albanian to Yapese.  My church has held these conferences every 6 months since 1830.  We hear from our leaders on all topics to help us live better lives and become better people.  We are reminded on ways to be better followers of Christ. 

So while I love not getting up on Sunday morning and putting on my pantyhose every six months- I love even more hearing great messages about my purpose here on earth.  Why families matter.  Why I need to focus on the important things in life.  Most of all, I am reminded that Jesus lives.  He is my Savior, and yours.  He loves me and knows me, and he died for me. 

And when I have spend the weekend getting my cup filled up- I am ready to try to make a difference, again, one random woman at time. 

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