Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year!

Goodbye 2011!  

It was a year full of travel- Madrid Spain, Costa Rica, St. Louis, Kansas City, Nauvoo Ill, Iowa, and Utah.

 It was a year of change- Erin and John moved to Iowa, I moved into a new house and my dad moved in with me.  TJ graduated from high school. 

It was a year of new beginnings- writing for the Time Out for Women website-

It was a year of challenges, growth, blessings and trials. 

Even though I got to Tebow on a Gorilla, my life is not complete yet!!!

Now on to 2012~

Some are concerned that the world will end this year.  I am not too worried, I saw the movie "Back to the Future 2" and Marty Mcfly went to the year 2015 and all was well.  So let's bite off a big chunk of 2012 and live life, enjoy our families, and become a little bit better than we were this past year.  I, of course, am going to do the proverbial New years resolution list- complete with the loose weight, eat healthier and manage my money better, because, really, it would not be a new years list without those items.  But one thing I am going to do this year that will be a bit of a challenge for me is to read  all four standard works of the scriptures.   Luckily, I am not left to my own to tackle this goal. 

Awesome LDS writer Emily Freeman is tackling this goal and letting us all tag along with her.  She has the reading schedule and posts thought provoking daily vignettes to help us think a little deeper and apply the words in the scriptures to our daily lives.

Will you join me on this 2012 journey to come closer to Christ? 

Emily's website is:

Be sure to let me know you are playing along and also I will do my best to post thoughts daily (or weekly)  :)
on how I am doing.  I would love to share your thoughts here as well. 

While losing a few pounds, eating more salad and having more money left than month are great goals, there is truly nothing more worthy of my time than becoming closer to Christ, and becoming more of the person, mother, daughter, and friend He needs me to be. 

Let's get reading!!   

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