Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Beginning...well, not really....

The movie Julie & Julia inspired me. It inspired me so much that I went out and bought a $40 cookbook. ( If you know me, you know the only cookbooks I have are: from my mother, my wedding, and random church cookbooks that I have purchased out of guilt to send kids to camp.) Even more inspiring, I actually cooked out of it! Of Course, with a friend named Julia who was incredibly excited about it is did help stir the interest. Boeuf Bourguignon was as good as it looked and it was wonderful to sit down to dinner at the table, using the china and the cloth napkins.

But it also inspired me to start a blog. I have wanted to write a book for years. ( yea, I know, me and everyone else on the planet!) But when I see in my journal my "New Year's Resolution" list and it says "Publish (or at least try!) a book by the time you are 30"..... ( I am 47...) It was time to take matters into my own hands.

The title of the blog reminds me that I really am only one random woman wandering around the universe- trying to make a difference daily in the lives of my family, my friends, and people I come in contact with- and, that, is what makes it a never ending adventure!!!


  1. Congratulations Carrie on having the courage and determination to pursue your dream. I look forward to reading you!

  2. Oh by the way, Ms B is Monique.