Thursday, August 27, 2009

Must have been the Velvet Bow Tie.........

Last night the baby of the family stepped on stage, sporting slicked back hair, a baby blue Tux complete with ruffle shirt and bow tie, leaned into a microphone and belted out "The Hand-Jive." He was performing as "Johnny Casino" in the musical "Greese" at the local theater in front of a decent size group of complete strangers.....

I couldn't have been more proud.

While Travis is no stranger to entertaining the family, this was unexpected, even for me. Sure, when I was coaching girls basketball at Skyline High School, a three year old Travis would jump from the stands onto the basketball court during time-outs when the band would play and dance up a mean storm. The crowd would roar in support. One time, in a playoff game, Travis ran to the floor to dance, only to be met by a stern referee who chased him back to the stands. The referee was nearly boo'd out of the gym. Travis was the Falcons good luck dancin' machine.

But as the years have passed, Travis has gotten a little more introverted to the outside world. The family knows he can quote entire episodes of "The Simpsons." We know him as "tech support" for all our computer needs. He is clever and funny, but not a lot of people see that side of him. He is often overshadowed by his 6'5" older brother, whose sporting events take a lot of time and put TJ in the spotlight. Last night on the stage Travis was larger than life.

This morning, as I think my random thoughts, I stand in awe of a loving Heavenly Father who gives us different gifts and talents. How boring life would be if everyone was 6'5" and great at basketball. How dull events would be if every kid who stood on the stage was perfectly on pitch and never missed a beat.

Here's to the talents that are obvious, the musicians, the athletes, the artists.... For how beautiful is our world because of the things they create.

But here's to the gifts and talents that are less obvious. Here's to the people with the ability to make others smile. Here's to the people who have kind hearts, willing hands, and strong shoulders who carry burdens and make trials lighter for those they love. Here's to people who have deep and abiding faith, who are rock-solid friends, who are consistently and totally truthful. Here's to the talents of being able to forgive and forget, to see the best in people, and encourage and lift.

Today I will notice the talents of others. Today I will see the art, hear the music, stand in awe of the physical abilities of those around me. But I will be especially mindful of the talents that often go unnoticed. For thoseare the talents that bless my life daily in so many ways. Today, I will look in the mirror and think of my own talents and gifts that the Lord has seen fit to weave into me...... and see if I am using them as much as I should, for, truly, those gifts and talents are what make each of us unique, special, amazing and awesome.

I am proud to have seen my son in that ruffled shirt and velvet bow tie last night.... Proud to see him stretching, stepping outside his comfort zone and giving something new a try. Proud to see him using a talent he has been given. It was an awesome lesson to his mom to remember to go out and make a difference, to touch other's lives.... one random person at a time

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