Saturday, August 22, 2009

Guinea Pigs and Skittles

Last night I took my 6 year old grandson to see the movie, "G Force." A Disney movie about Guinea Pigs working as secret agents for the FBI. ( and I think my thoughts are random.....) He sat in the seat next to me sipping his cherry Icee, chomping on popcorn and digging through the bag of skittles, while laughing hysterically. I wanted to watch him more than the movie. When the Guinea pigs took off in their motorized balls in a zany chase scene he laughed so hard I thought he might actually choke, or wet his pants. It was like the Mastercard commercial- Tickets to the movie, $18, treats, $15, watching your grandson howl at rodents using a computer and a blow torch.......Priceless.

Bodie and I have been going to movies together for a couple of years now. He loves that I feed him "Junk for dinner" ( the above mentioned healthy meal of popcorn, icee, and skittles) and that it is time for just us. I have seen some pretty awful movies. (Space Chimps wins, hands down!) but I would watch even Space Chimps over and over again to see him smile, his eyes sparkle and for that amazing hug at the end of our time together when he says, "Thanks Grammie!"

Nights like that remind me how truly blessed I am. I have the chance to make memories with a young man who means the world to me. It also occurs to me that scenes like this one are going on all over the world. Grandma's spending time with their grandsons, and both walk away enriched and hopefully better people for the connection.

Thinking bigger, and a bit more random. What little daily interactions do we have that make us better people or allow us to touch some one's life? What has someone done for you? More importantly, what have you done for someone??

Maybe you gave the frazzled waiter (who really didn't give you great service) a generous tip anyway, in hopes that will brighten their night.
Maybe that cute teenage cashier at McDonalds went out of their way by giving your son another hot wheels car for his happy meal. (because you accidentally threw his out with the trash.)

I read in the paper yesterday that a woman had forgotten her wallet at the grocery store- but the few people in the line behind her chipped in to pay for her few groceries. Everybody walked away better from that, perhaps a little less cynical about the state of the world, and maybe a little more willing to do something kind again.

Go ahead. Let today be the day that you begin making a little difference in this world. Do something kind, and unexpected and walk away. Enjoy that awesome feeling of giving without expecting one single thing in return. And keep your eyes open for those who are doing the same thing and you are lucky enough to be on the other end of it.

It is like each of us is carrying a piece of string. As we interact and our lives come together we weave a beautiful tapestry that creates something amazing. Our lives are more wonderful and we are better people because we take time to look for ways to serve, to love and to make a difference- one random woman at a time.

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