Sunday, September 6, 2009

Bats in the bellfry

Bats in the belfry- an old English saying describing someone who has gone a little looney... 

Last night at my grandson's birthday party the back door neighbor kids ( who scan the fence like Marines in boot camp) were not allowed to come home after dark over the fence. Rather, their mom, got in her car and drove around the block to pick them up. Why you ask? Because of the "hundreds" of "poisonous" bats that live in the neighbors trees.  

Really? Really? 

There are "hundreds of poisonous bats" living steps away from my back door and I am completely clueless.  

Now quietly telling me that you are sure there are "hundreds of poisonous bats" outside is one thing.  Making that comment in front of my entire family is quite another.  Erin, John, Mike, Christine, Kelly, Levi, TJ and Travis heard it.  So did TJ's friend Austin.  So did others in the room.  There was a long, quiet, pause... then, in true Adams fashion the laughing began.  I am not just talking laughing... I am talking belly laugh, tears rolling down the side of your face, gonna wet my pants, please stop laughing.

Travis then started the quotes.   He began with the "Bee" scene from "Tommy-Boy," 
but it went something like this:  "BATS! BATS! Bats in the house! Bats everywhere! They're huge! They're ripping my flesh away! Run away! Your firearms are useless against them!"

Even though I didn't think it could....the laughter got louder.

Erin added, "Shesh, I read "Twilight" and am all excited for the 2nd movie to open too....but...really?" 

Mike began with an excellent rendition of Sesame Street's "The Count"..... "One Bat in the tree....ahh ahh ahh....TWO bats in the tree...ahh ahh ahh."  

Levi and Kelly were showing their entrepreneurial  side and thinking of marketing a brand of "OFF" for Bats...(Contains no DEET, but plenty of Garlic!)

Yea, you get it... a smart alek convention... right there in my living room.  ( I wonder where these kids get that!?) 

As I drifted off to sleep, I was sure the sounds I was hearing outside were the bats, along with the neighbors, coming over the fence to get me.  But I was ready for them.  Instead of my "oil of olay" night cream, last night I had applied a generous portion of garlic cream around my neck.  No sense in not taking ANY precautions....just one random woman at a time!  


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