Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Women Who Rock Part 2

As I continue remembering the "women who rock" in my world- today I think of those who made a difference when I was a goof-ball, self absorbed teenager.  We all have these "mentors" in our lives who are able to make a difference and get through to us when our parents wanted to ship us to Switzerland to raise goats with Heidi far on a mountain top away from all civilization.

These women were typically people like teachers, coaches, church leaders and your friends parents.   These people were far cooler than your own parents (who, you were sure, were actually part of some other culture from outer space.) 

For me, most of these women were members of the Boulder 2nd Ward.  As I am now older and wiser, I am pretty sure I am personally responsible for a lot of gray hair, extra pounds, lost sleep, and tears that many of these women spent in my behalf.  In fact, I may actually in some way have kept the chocolate industry a float, as many of these women chose chocolate over alcohol to as a way of coping with me.

The following Sunday after my mom passed away I am pretty sure sacrament meeting went something like this: 

Bishop- "We would like to release with a vote of thanks, Dorothee Werner, for years of being Carrie's Mom. She did an outstanding job with little or no thanks. Those of you who would like to thank her at this time can please show your appreciation for her tireless efforts with a raise of the right hand." (pause for hand raising.) Bishop continues.... " We would like to call the entire Boulder 2nd ward population of adult women to take on this responsibility of trying to raise Carrie and keep her out of Prison as we now believe it is far to difficult of a task for one human to handle. All those in favor..."

Well, you get it...  These gals had their hands full. Today I thank them for all they have done to help me become a pretty decent human being.  Thank you to Joan, Shanna, Teri, Helga, Karen, Doris, Kathy, Madeline, Pat, Jackie, Marilyn, Bonnie, Anita, Marlene, Bitsy, and so many more that I am forgetting along the way.  You have offered the ultimate service, you never gave up.

Today I am grateful for dynamic women of God who rolled up their sleeves and went to work.  You hung in there with a rotten teenager and taught me how to be a woman.  Who knew you were such amazing pioneers, and that your trek of teaching me might surpass the efforts of the Willie and Martin handcart company.   

Who are the dynamic women of God who have touched your life, and help mold you into who you are today?  Do they have a clue how much they touched your life, how grateful you are for them or the difference they made? Maybe it is time to take a second and thank those "women who rock" and who have hand-prints across your heart....and never forget that we truly do make a difference, one random woman at a time. 

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