Wednesday, November 10, 2010

30 Days of Thanks- My Birth Mom.....Part 2

In celebrating 30 days of thanks yesterday I was thankful for my birth mother.  I shared a cheery version of us eating at a swanky restaurant for lunch and chatting.  I imagine she owns a horse farm on hundreds of acres in the outskirts of Lexington, KY.   This "Disney-version" of meeting my birth mom is probably a little too perfect.  Today, I share, what I see as... "The rest of the story...."

ThelmaLou comes out of the door. She is tall, and large...She could play linebacker for the Denver Broncos....Especially this year.....  She is wearing denim.  There are visible tattoos. I think that is a beer can in her hand... It is the size of an oil can.  As she gets closer I see she has several teeth missing.  Oh boy.... What have I done?

She speaks to me, and I am aware that it is some kind of English dialect,  but I have trouble sorting it out.   I hear banjos... She invites me inside and tells me there will be a big, family celebration tonight, Where I will meet all of my half-brothers and half-sisters, grandmas and grandpas, cousins, aunts,  and uncles.... several layers of family.   I hand her the flowers I bring for her, to say thank you, and she asks, "Who done died?"  I am even more grateful for adoption. Oh, boy.... What have I done?

One of the "cousins"
That evening I meet the "family."  Everyone has two first names.  Billy-Bob, JimBo, BettySue,... yea, you get it.  They look strangely similar, especially the triplets with the birth defects.  I hear banjos again.  I am afraid to eat the meat, wondering if it was run over earlier this afternoon.  I am pretty sure that was some sort of moonshine in the barrel, I got dizzy and light headed walking past it.  Are they square dancing?  I take pictures because no one will believe me when I tell this story.  I wouldn't believe me if I heard this story.... When is my flight home?  Oh boy.... What have I done?

Later that night ThelmaLou wants to spend some time just with me.  She thanks me for coming to see her.  She admits she had "plum forgot" about me, and she was glad I had looked her up.  She then hits me up for money.  I look like I am made of it.  Can we run down to the Minit Mart and buy some lotto tickets?  This is the big one and ThelmaLou knows she is going to win it.   One of the hound dogs needs some surgery.  Normally they don't do surgery on the dog and just put it down, but this one is special.   I tell her I would  be happy to share some money with her but I only have $100 with me.  She tells me to never mind the trip to the Minit Mart, she just won the lottery.  I tell her my flight was changed and I need to go.... now.....  Oh boy, What have I done?

I return the rental car.  I get on my plane.  I think what on earth have I done?  Why did I need to go digging where no one should dig?  Dottie is in Heaven, laughing.  Belly laughing.  Grabbing her angel friends and slapping each other laughing... Tears running down her angel spirit laughing... Oh boy, what have I done?

I suppose I should be worried since ThelmaLou said she is coming to visit me..... But I am not... I gave her Hank's address in Wyoming...... Oh boy.....what have I done??? 

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