Saturday, November 27, 2010

Before The Sun Sets

Wow! It's Saturday.
It's a beautiful day in Colorado for late November.  I am looking out the kitchen window and seeing all the leaves I still need to rake, but it is still beautiful!!!

November was an interesting month.  Kelly turned 22.   TJ found out his knee was in bad shape, and needed surgery, taking him out of his senior basketball season.  Travis was in "You can't take it with you" at Jester's theater, sporting a toga.  Erin spent a couple of weeks in Iowa, helping out a friend with their business.  The Adams family annual Turkey Bowl at the bowling alley was lean this year, as many family members were with the "other" side of the family.  A dear friend was diagnosed with Cancer, and the prognosis is grim.

30 days in a month. Some stuff seems so mundane, the grocery shopping, the bill paying, the laundry, the cooking, scrubbing toilets just need to be done and we plow through it.  Some stuff makes your heart stop, take a deep  breath and realize that this trip here on earth is sometimes full of twists and turns. 

Sometimes you are just blessed with a phone call, a hug, an email or some other little way of letting you know that things will be OK, even when it seems like they won't be OK. 

So as the clock ticks, and the calendar moves along, take a second, and make each day matter.  Don't just wander on the road aimlessly, have some direction and some passion and some fire. 

When it is time, in a month, to say goodbye to 2010, I want to remember a good year.  I want to look back and know that I did my part to try to make a difference, and I want to remember all the people who made a difference in my life as well.    So take that calendar, and put it to work for you.  Don't let it work you over!!
I am going to work harder to make a difference, one random woman at a time. 

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